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About Me

By on December 21, 2016


Welcome to Average Joe! This site has been setup to pass on information about a wide variety of topics from the perspective of your “average Joe”. I will provide some detailed information that the “average Joe” needs, but I will not fill these pages with stats and figures and other items that will put most of you to sleep. Uncle Google will gladly provide that information to you if you ask nicely.

For the rest of you who just want to know about an experience from the average Joe’s perspective, this site is for you. You may see entries on a wide variety of topics ranging from something outdoorsy and athletic like mountain biking, maybe a little fishing, or something totally geeky like setting up a new VMware lab at home. Anything and everything is fair game, for example, what it was like for an average family of four to do a road trip from Florida to South Carolina in a two door Jeep Wrangler. My experience riding the mountain bike trails at Chuck Lennon Park on a rented Trek Superfly 8, the planning and execution of an overnight camping trip via kayak or what RAID type I used for my 2TB datastore.

For the most part, things will be light-hearted and fun, feel free to get involved by leaving a comment and/or suggesting topics or items to review, places to visit, etc. I believe in Freedom of Speech so it’s okay to disagree with my opinion or my review of pretty much anything, but please, just do it respectfully.

Thanks again for stopping by, make yourself at home.