Approximately 6:30am on Friday, July 8, 2016, we were on our way to Gulches Off Road park in Waterloo, South Carolina. Four hundred and forty miles from my driveway in Ormond Beach, Florida to the trailhead in South Carolina. The actual road trip to Gulches was remarkably uneventful. The kids were surprisingly well behaved and didn’t fight at all! Not once did I here, “MOM, HE’S TOUCHING ME!”. Before you know it, we were on our way around Jacksonville, Florida on the 295 North. So far, so good. Temp gauge is where it needs to be, oil pressure, volt meter, all reading normal. The only issue seemed to be the needle in the fuel gauge, which appeared to be magnetically attracted to the “E” on the dash. At one point, I commented to my wife that I think those two are having a love affair because they cannot remain apart for more than an hour or so. But back to the trip. Before you know it, we were in Columbia, SC and stopped at Smash Burger for lunch and of course, another fuel stop. After refueling, we were only about 74 miles from the trail head.

Shortly after 2:30pm, we rolled into the parking lot at Gulches. It was nice to get out of the Jeep again and stretch our legs, but I was eager to get on the trails to see what our new Jeep could do. After checking in, we decided to head to the cabin that we rented just up the road. We unloaded the Jeep to give the rear passengers a little more breathing room, then quickly headed back to the trails. More on the cabin later. The pic below is coming down Trail #14.